Jamaica’s Reggae Boys heading back to Texas  today for their final Copa America game

Jamaica’s  Reggae Boys  will  be heading   back  to  Texas  today  for  their  final  game  at the Copa America tournament against  Venezuela  at  the  Q2  Stadium  in  Austin.

The Jamaicans who are now out of contention in the event, will get ready to play for pride on Sunday after losing their second game of the tournament last night, in a 3-1 loss to Ecuador.  

This loss was the 8th consecutive defeat  for the rRggae Boys at  the tournament dating back to 2015. 

In the meantime, Mikhail Antonio  hit  the  target  on  minute  54 for Jamaica ,  after  the   South  Americans had  taken  a  2-nil  halftime  lead  through  an own goal by Kasey  Palmer after 13 minutes and a penalty converted in the 4th minute of first half stoppage time by Kendry Payez.

Alan  minda  completed  the  scoring  for  ecuador  in  2nd  half  injury  time

Speaking post game Reggae  Boys  head coach  Heimer  Hallgrimmson says his players must be given credit for the fight shown in the game. 

Venezuela meanwhile moved to the top of the standings on maximum 6 points after carving out a one-nil win over mexico…a result that confirmed jamaica’s  elimination  from  the  competition.

Action on match day 2 continues today with an  all  Concacaf  clash between Panama and the united states at the  Mercedes  Benz  Stadium  in  Atlanta at 5 ‘o’ clock  after  which  Uruguay  face Bolivia  at  Met-life  stadium  in  New  Jersey


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