Jamaicans to get lower limb prosthetic devices under “New Limb, New Life” initiative

Sixteen persons will have a second chance at mobility by way of prosthetic devices, following the handing over of cheques to two suppliers under the “New Limb, New Life” initiative.

The cheques, valued at over six million dollars, were presented to Surgix Jamaica Limited and Tutu prosthetics.

The Health Ministry is contributing over 5 million dollars for the first 16 beneficiaries who will receive limbs from the two suppliers.

An additional donation of over $300,000 is from the Jamaica Council for persons with disabilities.

Through the Council, lower limb prosthetic devices will be provided under the initiative, enabling individuals with physical impairments to lead healthy, productive, and independent lives.

The funding will go to eligible amputees who have lost their limbs due to diabetes, arterial disease, trauma, and cancer.

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton said while the Ministry emphasizes preventative care and raises awareness around treatment options, it also recognizes the importance of rehabilitative services in improving individual functioning and enhancing participation in daily activities.

He was speaking at the handing-over ceremony at the Sir John Golding Rehabilitation Centre in St Andrew, yesterday.


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