Jamaicans in the diaspora at odds over plans to protest crime and corruption at gov’t agencies abroad

A group of Jamaicans in the diaspora has raised concerns about the level of crime and corruption in the island, stating its intention to protest the issues at Jamaican government establishments abroad.

The issues were highlighted in a letter to Ambassador Audrey Marks from the Jamaica Diaspora Crime Intervention and Prevention Task Force.

The task force noted grave concerns regarding the increasing state of public corruption, the high level of violent crimes, what it says is the government’s failure to provide promised service delivery and unfulfilled promises to the diaspora regarding its involvement in the political process.

The group said the concerns have led to a call for action, and that it would be engaging Jamaica’s international partners to seek redress for its grievances.

Additionally, it said members of the diaspora have endeavored to conduct protests legally and peacefully at Jamaican government establishments in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Meanwhile, the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council has sought to distance itself from the statement issued by the task force.

In its own statement today, the Diaspora Council said it opposes any planned protests at Jamaican government establishments in the diaspora.

It noted that it was disappointed with the statement from the task force, given the work being done to deepen engagements with the diaspora as a strategic partner of the Jamaican government.

The council also sought to clarify that the use of its logo by the taskforce was unauthorized and that the task force’s lead Dr. Rupert Francis is not a part of the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council.


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