Jamaicans in Florida brace for severe weather amid tropical storm warning

With sections of Florida in the United States under a tropical storm warning, some Jamaicans in that US state, are remaining vigilant, in case the weather worsens.

The US National Weather Service issued the warning on Friday, for areas, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm beach.

Tropical storm conditions are expected Friday night and Saturday, with heavy rain expected in South Florida, Central Florida and the Florida keys.

According to the national weather service, in South Florida and the Keys, flash flooding is possible.

Speaking with Irie Fm news, one Jamaican woman living in West Palm Beach said, she is awaiting further instructions from the authorities, to determine her next move, as it relates to preparation.

Another Jamaican woman living in Miami noted, that she has chosen to work remotely, in light of an advisory that there might be flooding in her area.

And a Jamaican man in Fort-lauderdale, stated, that he is taking steps to prepare, as he refuses to risk the safety of his family.


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