Jamaicans describe salary increases for political directorate as excessive

Jamaicans are describing salary increases which were announced for the country’s political directorate as excessive.


The pay hike was announced by Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke.


The increases for 3 fiscal years – 2021 to 2024 – will cost government $1.7 billion.


Effective April 2024, the Prime Minister will receive just over $28 million annually for his salary.


The Opposition Leader will get over $25 million annually, while Members of Parliament will get $14.2 million, as of next April.


Significant increases were also approved for other cabinet ministers, mayors and divisional councillors.


IRIE FM News took to the streets yesterday, to hear the views of the public.


One St. Ann resident described the increase as cruel.



Another resident questioned the priorities of the government.



One man said the government appears to be selfish.


He said this increase will make politicians complacent, instead of encouraging them to work harder.



Another resident said the politicians should have again opted for a pay freeze, given the current economic challenges affecting the country.



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