Jamaicans across several U.S. states brace for continued severe weather

Jamaicans across at least seven American States are among thousands facing an onslaught of deadly tornadoes and thunderstorms.

The severe weather killed over 23 people at the weekend and injured hundreds of others as it left a trail of destruction.

With forecasters warning of continued thunderstorms and flooding today, many citizens are apprehensive.

Among those bracing for the worst are Jamaicans living in Texas, which forecasters warn could see more significant damaging winds and large hail.

One man, who has been living in the State for several years, says his family remains indoors as strong winds and lightning continue. 

It is expected that Texas will see thunderstorms and flash flooding up to tomorrow. 

Since last night, nearly 200,000 people across several States have been without power due to the weather. 

This has made contact difficult between citizens in Jamaica and Jamaicans living in states adversely impacted. 

One woman expressed concern for her loved one who resides in Oklahoma. 

She said in their last communication, she was informed that her loved one was preparing for a tornado. 

She has not received an update since. 


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