Jamaican Security CEO in Trinidad implores PM Holness to make attractive offer that will help successful Jamaicans return home

At least one member of the Jamaican Diaspora is suggesting that the Government makes an offer to successful Jamaicans abroad that will help them return to the country, with their newfound skills.


In recent times, the issue of migration has sparked public debate, especially with several of the nation’s public sector workers leaving the country for better opportunities.


Jamaican, Dwight Williams, who is now the Chief Executive Officer at Heller Security Services in Trinidad, noted that many Jamaicans who have done well abroad are willing to return to their home country if an appropriate offer is made.


Mr. Williams, who was addressing Prime Minister Andrew Holness at a recent Jamaica Diaspora Town Hall Meeting in Trinidad, urged him to create an opportunity that will encourage people to return.

Mr. Williams, who grew up in Duncans, Trelawny, said the return of Jamaicans could also help to reduce crime in the country.


He explained that by returning to the country, successful Jamaicans could show the youth that crime is not a necessary way of life.



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