Jamaican farm worker hospitalized after accident, uncertain about ability to continue working

A Jamaican migrant farm worker in Canada, who was hit by a car last month, has been left seriously injured, and uncertain about his ability to continue working.

On October 6, Ceto Reid, was reportedly riding his bike from a laundromat in St. Catharines, Niagara, heading back to the farm where he lived and worked, when he was hit by a car.

The driver, who claimed that he did not see Reid at the time of the incident, has since been charged with careless driving, under the highway traffic act of Ontario.

The incident occurred the day before Reid was scheduled to return to Jamaica, for winter break.

According to reports on CBC News, Reid has been working in Canada every fall season, for nearly two decades, and in winter, he usually returns home to his family in Jamaica. 

However, this year, he is unable to go home, as he has been hospitalised.

Reid is recovering from surgery to fix a broken hip bone, and estimates, that he is still weeks away from being able to travel. 

His recovery from the crash has affected his ability to provide for his family.

The migrant farm worker was stationed at a farm operated by Peach and Grape Producer, P.G. Enns Farms, which is 15 kilometres away, from the laundromat in St. Catharines.

Concern has been raised about the lack of laundry facilities at the farm, or in the area, where the farm is located.


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