Jamaican diaspora in T&T expresses safety concerns after Jamaican women goes missing

A Jamaican living in Trinidad and Tobago has expressed concern about the number of Jamaicans that have been killed or abducted in that country.


Ian Harrow is concerned that not enough is being done to ensure the safety of Jamaicans there.


His comment follows the disappearance of a Jamaican woman, Kimalee Larmond-John in Trinidad.


She has been missing since November 19.


The 32-year-old is the niece of Mandeville mayor Donovan Mitchell.


In an interview with IRIE FM News, Mr. Harrow, who said he has been living in Trinidad and Tobago for over two decades, said he is deeply concerned.


He also expressed disappointment in the Jamaican High Commission in Trinidad for their alleged lack of action.



He said due to his own experiences of poor treatment, he has decided to stand for the rights of Jamaicans in that country.


In doing so, he also called on other Jamaicans in the twin island republic to unite.



In the meantime, the search for Kimalee Larmond-John has reportedly intensified.


Larmond-John was reported missing when she did not turn up for work.


Her uncle, Mayor of Mandeville Donovan Mitchell who arrived in Trinidad last evening, told IRIE FM News that the country’s anti-kidnapping team and the police are investigating the matter.



He said the family has been trying to cope with the situation.



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