Jamaica ranked 10th on list of countries with the highest crime rates

A new report has ranked Jamaica tenth on a global list of countries with the highest rates of crime.


The World Population Review notes that the crime rate is calculated by dividing the total number of reported crimes of any kind, by the total population, then multiplying the result by 100, 000.


Using this formula, Jamaica’s crime rate is 67.42 crimes per 100,000 citizens.


Number one on the list is Venezuela with a crime rate of 83.76 per 100, 000.


Trinidad and Tobago is the Caribbean nation with the highest rate of crime, ranking 6th on the list with a rate of 71.63 per 100,000 citizens.


While Guyana is 7th with 68.74 crimes per 100,000 citizens – which makes Jamaica the Caribbean country with the third highest rate of crime.


A review of Jamaica’s placement on the list suggests that the country is plagued by government corruption, gang activity, and high levels of violent crime, including sexual assault.


It said the U.S Overseas Security Advisory Council describes the Jamaican police force as understaffed and possessed of limited resources, while noting that travellers are advised to avoid areas such as Spanish Town and parts of Kingston and Montego Bay.


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