Jamaica race to qualify a 4×400 meters team for the Paris Olympic Games

Negotiations are on in earnest with countries in a similar situation to Jamaica in their quest to qualify a 4×400 meters team at the Paris Olympics.

Thats the word coming out of the JAAA after the country missed out on qualifying for the event at the recently held World Relays championships in the Bahamas.

This despite having teams qualified for the female equivalent along with the 4×100 meters for both men and women.

Finding at least two other countries to compete at an internationally recognised meet is not an easy task but, the JAAA has confirmed that they will be sending a team to the new life invitational in the Bahamas on June 12 to improve the time and break into the top 16.

At the present moment, Jamaica’s 2 minutes, 59.34 from the World Championships in Budapest last year sees them sitting one place outside of the top 16 countries

Zambia is currently in the final qualifying spot, with 2 minutes 59.12 seconds, while France is the other qualifier based on time with 2 minutes 58.45. 

The country has until june 30 to qualify its men’s 4x400m  team for the games in Paris.


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