Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) fires back at explosive allegations by the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA)

The Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) has fired back at the explosive allegations made by veteran sprint coach Glen Mills, Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association JAAA’s president Garth Gayle, and treasurer Ludlow Watts. 

At a Press Conference earlier this week the JAAA a’s  blasted the JOA in the non- response to several letters written, pertaining to the Olympic Games, the non communication from the JOA regarding the setting up a Pre-Olympic training camp, restrictions on the athlete-to-official ratio for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics,  among other charges. 

The JOA today in a lengthy release called the remarks of the  JAAA’s “unfortunate and ill-conceived” and outlined a detailed a comprehensive explanation of the process and regulations governing the allocation of officials for the Olympics. 

According to the JOA, the organisation says it does not determine the number of officials for each sport, instead, the Paris Organizing Committee of the Games uses a globally recognized team size formula based on the estimated number of athletes who qualify, and the release made it clear that both the JAAA and Mills were aware of this process.

The JOA also addressed concerns regarding a training camp in Stuttgart, Germany, negotiated by the JAAA without the JOA’s prior knowledge or approval. 

The release explained that the JOA had requested a detailed budget for the camp to ensure adherence to standard accounting regulations, but the JAAA’S allegedly failed to comply. 

It says despite the JAAA ‘s breach of transparency and standard accounting protocols, the JOA has continuously sought information to facilitate payment against invoices. 

The majority of requests from the JAAA reportedly related to cash, which the JOA said it found problematic due to the lack of detailed contractual arrangements.

In response to claims of hostility, the JOA made it clear that two meetings with JAAA board members, during which progress and cordiality were noted, contrary to Gayle’s assertions. 

The joa also outlined several instances of financial support provided to the jaaa and track and field athletes. this included a 3 million dollars loan granted in 2017, forthy six million dollars in bonuses and rewards for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, Olympic Solidarity scholarships valued at over 25 million dollars and $6.5 million dollars funding for five athletes preparing for Paris 2024. 

Additionally, the JOA says it has allocated thirty million dollars for the “Olympic Destiny” series and other events from 2021 to 2024.

The released added that two meetings were held with board members of the JAAA’s on which occasions Mr. Garth Gayle was absent and Mr. Ludlow Watts was present and the JAAA attendees openly expressed their satisfaction with the progress made and cordiality of the talks which defies Mr. Gayle’s assertion of hostility.

The joa meanwhile says the statement made by the JAAA’S, through its Treasurer, Mr. Ludlow Watts, that the JOA has been and is undermining the association and track and field, is therefore, to say the least, comical.

The JOA concluded by urging jthree a’ officials to exercise caution and professionalism in their statements, emphasizing the importance of maintaining Jamaica’s reputation.


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