Jamaica National Heritage Trust appeals for patience as it continues preservation and improvement activities at Blue Lagoon

The Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) is appealing for patience, as it continues preservation and improvement activities towards the reopening of the Blue Lagoon in Portland.


In a statement, the JNHT explained that the initial plan for the resumption of activities at the lagoon was based on the utilization of the parochial roadway, due to the fact that there is no land available for use by the JNHT.


The JNHT added that proposals were submitted to the Portland Municipal Corporation for the erection of structures for safety and sanitization purposes, adjacent to properties that are privately owned.


the JNHT said the Corporation was not in support of the proposal, because there is no designated parking area within the space. It added that the Corporation did not support the proposed erection of a guard house, or portable toilets, along the roadway.


The JNHT noted that it is exploring other options, which include possible access to privately-owned lands adjoining the lagoon, and once concluded, it will submit new proposals to the Corporation. If the new plans are approved by the regulatory bodies, the process for construction will be undertaken.


The JNHT said it is committed to keeping stakeholders and the public updated.


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