Jamaica Football Federation facing massive 20 million dollar bill

The Jamaica Football Federation is facing a massive 20 million dollar bill following the recent  developments with General  Secretary  Dalton  Wint and the recent sacking of coach Theodore Tappa’ Whitmore.

Coach Whitmore who was  sacked during the Concacaf final round  of  the  2022 World Cup qualifiers has sued  the local governing body for football for a reported 10 million dollars for  breach  of his four  year contract which was to end at the end of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The recent call by the national senior team players for the sacking  of General Secretary  Dalton Wint  is expected to cost the JFF  in  the region of close to another 10 million dollars.

This as Wint  in his demands for resigning is reported to be asking that he be paid all his  salary and entitlements from now up to December 2023.

While  indicating  a willingness  to  be paid monthly up to December of  this  year  Wint  is  asking  to  be  paid  the  rest  as  a  lump  sum in  January  2023 with his 10 percent salary  for 2023, his  gratuity  for  2023  and  all  his owed vacation.

He has also been reported to have indicated a willingness to stay on as  per his contract for a month or if the Federation thinks ok, for a week.

In the  meantime a letter from JFF President Mike Rickettes to Wint  outlined  that on receipt  of  his  resignation is confirming   the  commitment of the JFF to compensate him in full as per  his  employment  agreement for the period January 1 2020 to December 31, 2023.


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