Jamaica and UN renew call for more attention to be paid to the security situation in Haiti

Jamaica and the United Nations have renewed their call for greater attention to be paid, by the international community, to what is being described as the very urgent security and humanitarian situation in Haiti.


The call was repeated during a meeting between Prime Minister Andrew Holness and UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, today (May 15).


Mr. Holness said they lamented that more action is not being undertaken to address the situation in Haiti.


There is political chaos in Haiti, and the people are suffering due to gang violence and poverty.


Mr. Holness stated that Haiti needs security support.



Meantime, Mr. Guterres described the situation in Haiti as tragic.


He noted the humanitarian needs, appalling levels of gang violence, people being murdered, food insecurity and the political situation saying there needs to be a stronger commitment from the international community.



The Prime Minister added that countries want to be assured of a political process in place in Haiti.



In response, Mr. Guterres said the situation in Haiti reflects a threat to the security of the region and beyond.


He paid tribute to Jamaica for its role in trying to find solutions to the Haitian crisis.


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