Investigation underway after gunmen left a threatening message for Lionel Messi

An investigation is now underway after gunmen left a threatening message for Paris Saint-Germain star forward Lionel Messi after attacking a supermarket owned by his wife’s family in the Argentine City Rosario.

Fourteen shots were reportedly fired at the shutters and front door of the food store “Unico,” which is located in the Lavalle district of Rosario, in the early hours of Thursday by two individuals on a motorbike. 

No one was hurt, but damage was done to the store.

According to police the attackers left a threatening note which made reference to Pablo Javkin the mayor of Rosario which is the largest city in the central province of Santa Fe and 300 kilometers north of Buenos Aires.

The note written on a piece of cardboard that said quote….. “Messi, we are waiting for you. Javkin is a drug dealer. He is not going to look after you.” unquote

Neither Messi, who on Monday won the ‘best FIFA men’s player’ award after leading Argentina to the 2022 World Cup title, nor his wife, Antonela have commented on the incident.


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