International riders in action at Jamaica International Cycling Classic

Now in its third year, the Classic which is scheduled to run over three days has for the first time attained official certification from cycling’s global governing body, the International Cycling Union.

Among the competing teams will be South America’s top-ranked unit out of Colombia as well as the 706 project outfit, based in Atlanta. 

The event will also see participation from composite teams featuring riders from the Cayman Islands, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Ecuador and Jamaica.

The stages will unfold along Jamaica’s North Coast with the start and finish for each stage taking place at Whitter village in Iron-shore, Montego Bay.

Stage one will see riders covering approximately 56 miles with a course that will see them heading towards Falmouth before looping at the Rose Hall Great House and heading back to the Trelawny capital before closing out at Whitter Village.

The second stage will take riders from Whitter Village to Discovery Bay and back with the third stage runnning from Whitter Village to Duncan’s, Trelawny and back for a combined 320 miles.

Over us$11,000 overalll, will be on offer with a maximum individual top prize of us$3,100 dollars up for grabs.


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