Intensified operations in Gregory Park, lead to arrest and charge of several people

Intensified operations in Gregory Park, St. Catherine, in response to recent criminal activities, have resulted in the arrests of several people.

These people have been charged in relation to 6 murders and 2 shootings.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Fitz Bailey gave the update during a press briefing yesterday (August 30).

He noted that the operations involved collaborative effort by the police force, and the defence force.

DCP Bailey said two people have been charged for the murder of John Crooks.

One man is charged for the murder of Lancelot Grant.

For the killing of Christopher Raphley, one man is facing a murder charge.

One man is also charged in relation to the murder of Errol Green.

Meantime, DCP Bailey said following an alleged gun battle with police, 2 men were arrested and charged.

During an operation earlier this month in the community, 2 persons, including a 16-year-old boy, were arrested and charged, in relation to possession of illegal weapons and ammunition.

The adult offender is 32-year-old Triston Morgan.


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