Integrity Commission says there will be no more changes in FLA investigation

Chairman of the Integrity Commission, retired justice Seymour Panton, has advised that there will be no further change in the investigation report relating to the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA ).

Justice Panton said anyone who has an issue in relation to the report, should go to the judicial review court.

He further stated that an official release will be issued on Wednesday, regarding Tuesdays proceedings in parliament.

The statement comes in the wake of more criticism, during Tuesdays meeting of the Lower House, about the commissions handling of the FLA investigation, into the issuing of gun licences to persons of questionable character, upon appeal, by 2 former national security ministers.

House Speaker Marisa Dalrymple Philibert informed the house of a report from the Integrity Commission, that had been tabled, then withdrawn.

In response, former National Security Minister Robert Montague, chided the Integrity Commission for being sloppy, and again called for fair treatment.

And, in seeking to quash the arguing on the issue in the house, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, urged members to avoid the ‘political cass cass’.

He pointed out that, if changes are needed, in the laws that govern the commission, then such matters should be handled by the two parliamentary committees, that oversee the commission.


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