Integrity Commission says all reports it submitted to parliament have been tabled

The Integrity Commission has sought to clarify that all its investigation and annual reports that have been submitted to parliament for tabling, have in fact been tabled.

The assurance comes as the Commission said it has taken note of comments which suggest that reports submitted by the commission are yet to be tabled.

It stressed that there is no report outstanding.

The Commission noted however that regarding matters that are currently before the commission, inclusive of matters that are under investigation, it is unable to make any public comment regarding them because it is prohibited from doing so by the Integrity Commission Act.

It noted that in the interest of public transparency, once it sends an investigation report to parliament for tabling, it immediately issues a media release to advise the public that it has done so even though it is prohibited by law from identifying the subject of the report.

The Commission added that once the investigation report is tabled in parliament, it issues an advisory on X (formerly Twitter) to inform the public and it also publishes the report on its official website.


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