Infrastructure and Physical Development Committee calls on regulatory agencies to ensure housing developers do not infringe on citizens’ rights

The National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) and the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation have been called on to exercise their authority and ensure that housing developers do not infringe on citizens’ rights.


The matter was raised at Parliament’s Infrastructure and Physical Development Committee on Thursday (January 19), when it deliberated on submissions made by the Citizens Rights Group – an amalgamation of almost 30 associations across Kingston and St. Andrew.


Committee member Julian Robinson noted that many developers have been breaching the Provisional Development Order established in 2017, which sets out the framework, guidelines and policies for planning and development in parishes and communities.


Mr. Robinson explained that the legal document being provisional creates a loophole in protections and safeguards.


Therefore, many developers do not comply with covenants, planning laws, regulations and permits, causing severe frustration among residents.


He argued that consultations regarding developments and changes to development orders must be conducted with residents.

Mr. Robinson stressed the importance of regulatory agencies enforcing the existing relevant laws and regulations.



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