Information Minister says persons seeking redress regarding Bob Marley Beach will have to take matter to court

Information Minister Robert Morgan says persons seeking redress regarding the Bob Marley Beach in St Andrew, will have to take the matter to court, as the property is privately owned.

This, in the wake of public outcry that plans to develop the property for a new hotel will result in displacement of residents and prevent public access to the beach.

Mr Morgan said the land in question does not belong to the government, neither does the government have an interest in it except for the beach high water mark and sea bed.

In a lengthy twitter post, Mr Morgan outlines that the property was registered to Woof Group Limited, in 2019.

Regarding the access road, Mr Morgan notes that the road that leads through lands is a parochial road.

He also states that the land adjacent to the beach is privately owned.

Mr Morgan says the structures in question are not within the high water mark and are therefore on private land.

He further explains that a beach licence would be required, if the property owner decides to operate a commercial beach, and this would then involve the NRCA to assess and/or maintain and prescriptive rights for access to the beach.

He said the current issues relate to a private land owner and persons who occupy lands said to belong to the land owner.

As such, this is a private matter for the courts to determine, not the government.

There is currently an adverse possession claim for the property by a member of the rastafarian community who resides in the area.


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