Information Minister says Jamaica’s decision to recognize Palestine as a State is result of unified stance on the matter by Cabinet

Jamaica’s decision to recognize Palestine as a State is a result of a unified stance on the matter by the Cabinet. 

That’s according to the Information Minister, Robert Morgan. 

In confirming the decision to recognize Palestine yesterday, Foreign Affairs Minister, Kamina Johnson Smith said Jamaica continues to advocate for a two-state solution as the only viable option to resolve the long-standing conflict between Israel and Palestine. 

The Foreign Affairs Minister noted that the decision was spurred by concerns regarding the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Last year, the Government came under fire for not participating in a peace-keeping resolution at a United Nations General Assembly.

The resolution which was introduced by Jordan, called for the protection of civilians and the upholding of legal and humanitarian obligations in the Palestinian city, Gaza, during the current period of unrest.

Now that the Government has recognized Palestine as a State, some people have questioned the reason for the delay in making the decision. 

When probed this morning about the matter, Mr. Morgan said Minister Johnson Smith made a presentation in Cabinet which ended with members’ unifying on the position. 

Jamaica now joins 140 member states of the United Nations that have recognized the State of Palestine. 


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