Industry Minister explains importation of Cannabis from Canada

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce Aubyn Hill has confirmed that Jamaica approved the importation of cannabis from Canada saying  only one request was granted.

The Minster was  responding to questions from Opposition Spokesperson on Industry, Investment and Global Logistics, Anthony Hylton at the Standing Finance Committee meeting of Parliament, Wednesday.

Mr. Hylton issued a statement on Wednesday  expressing serious concerns over the  decision of the Cannabis Licensing Authority , CLA to approve the importation of cannabis from Canada.

According to Mr. Hylton,  the decision by the CLA to grant import licenses for cannabis grown in Canada to be imported deserves a full explanation .

He put the issue to Mr. Hill, who explained that only one import  has been  approved.

Meantime , Mr. Hill  said  the CLA is unaware of any restriction  on the  importation  of Jamaican cannabis into Canada.

He said up to 2020, there were  nine requests to export cannabis to Canada, adding that no request has been made since then.

Mr. Hill told the committee that the CLA has seen no refusal by Canada of any authorized export of cannabis from Jamaica.

Mr. Hill was pressed on the matter by Mr Hylton.



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