Indecom reports increase in fatal shootings by security forces

The Independent Commission of Investigations, Indecom, has reported an increase in security forces related shooting incidents, as well as, a slight reduction in complaints last year, compared to 2021.

In its end of year report, tabled in parliament on Tuesday, the commission said it received 968 new complaints for 2022, which represents a 9% decrease over 2021.

Indecom said allegations of assault remained the highest reported complaint, with 366.

There were 164 civilian deaths, concerning the security forces, recorded last year.

Of that number, 134 were by fatal shooting; this includes the 7 additional people who were shot and killed in 2022, representing a 6% increase over 2021.

25 were deaths in custody, 3 were fatal road traffic collisions, and 2 were classified as other fatality.

The cumulative increase in security force fatalities between 2019 and 2022 is 56 percent, rising from 86 to 134.

95 people were shot and wounded, a 40 percent increase over 2021, which is the highest figure for non-fatal shootings over the past five years.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force continued to be involved in the greater number of fatal shooting incidents, with an increase over 2021.

In 2022, the JCF were solely and directly involved in the fatal shooting of 120 people; this is only 2 more people than in 2021 and equates to a less than 1percent increase over 2021.

Indecom said 2022 is the third consecutive year, since 2019, in which police fatal shootings have increased.

It should be noted that of the 120 fatal shootings, 16 fatalities concerned off duty officers, while 104 fatal shootings occurred when members of the JCF were engaged in operational policing duties in 2022.

Jamaica Defence Force soldiers were involved in a slightly reduced number compared to 2021.

Seven people were fatally shot, which is 2 less persons than in 2021.

And, the department of correctional services was involved in two fatal shooting incidents in 2022.

Both victims were unarmed attempted escapees.

One other escapee was shot and wounded.

Indecom said 15 members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force were charged last year for incidents investigated by Indecom.

It said for 2022, there was a 26 percent increase in the number of days that members of the security forces discharged their weapons, that is, on 151 days, resulting in 229 citizens being either killed or wounded.


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