Indecom reports fatal shooting of 34 citizens by security forces since the start of the year

The Independent Commission of Investigations, Indecom, is reporting the fatal shooting of 34 citizens, by the security forces, since the start of the year.

The update from Indecom follows a number of fatal shooting incidents this week.

According to Indecom, four citizens were fatally shot by the security forces in four separate incidents.

Indecom says the incidents which occurred between Tuesday March 26 and today March 28, have increased the fatal shootings for this month to 12.

Indecom states that its investigative teams are probing the circumstances which resulted in the fatal shooting of a woman and three men.

According to Indecom, the incidents occurred in Kingston, St. Thomas, Manchester and St. Catherine.

Indecom says it was not informed of a body worn camera being issued, assigned or used, in any of the incidents, of which one was a planned operation.

It is appealing to anyone who witnessed any of the four fatal shooting incidents, to contact the office of the commission at 876-968-1932.

The commission sought to remind members of the public, that information gathering is a critical aspect of an investigative process, and where photos, videos, or information is available in incidents involving members of the security forces, they should be made available and shared with Indecom.

In the latest incident on Thursday morning in Guy’s Hill, St. Catherine an unidentified man was fatally shot in an alleged gun battle with the police.

Yesterday, 24-year-old Kemar Clarke, a mason and resident of Lancaster District Manchester and Lenford Barrett were fatally shot by the police.

The incident involving Barrett occurred in St Thomas.

And on Tuesday, Terryesha Maragh was fatally shot by the police on Lexington Road in Kingston.


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