INDECOM reports 19 fatal shooting incidents by the security forces so far this month

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) says there have been 19 fatal shooting incidents involving the security forces so far this month.


In a statement yesterday (October 24), INDECOM said it is probing three of the incidents, which occurred at the weekend.


They occurred in Rocky Point, Clarendon, Rockfort in East Kingston and Nain, St. Elizabeth. The incidents resulted in the death of three men and the seizure of two firearms.


The man who was fatally shot in St. Elizabeth has been identified as 25-year-old Tuwaine Morrison of the parish.


The other two men remain unidentified.


INDECOM said it is probing the incidents to assess if the necessary, justifiable, and proportionate use of force was used.


This assessment will include the review of evidentiary material, witness canvassing, and interviews of concerned officers.


INDECOM said in at least one of the incidents at the weekend, video footage by civilians has aided in a clearer appreciation of the circumstances of the incident.


The Commission is encouraging the public to officially share such evidence with its investigators.



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