Indecom raises concern about number of officers involved in multiple fatal shootings

The Independent Commission of Investigations, Indecom, is raising concern about the number of police officers, who have been involved in multiple incidents, of fatal shootings.

This, as it was revealed, that some 96 of 250 police officers, involved in fatal shootings, between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021, were involved in at least one other fatal shooting incident, prior.

Indecom’s Assistant Commissioner, Hamish Campbell, noted that 188 of the 250 officers implicated, also had at least one other prior complaint.

He said it is a worrying trend, and requires closer examination by the constabulary.

Commissioner Campbell noted, that there seems to be a pattern, of a small percentage of officers being engaged in multiple shooting events.

He noted, that of the 96 officers implicated in multiple events between 2010 and June 2021, one officer was involved in 18 fatal incidents, comprising 28 deaths.


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