INDECOM probing two separate fatal police shootings in St. James at the weekend

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) is probing separate police shooting incidents in St. James, which resulted in the deaths of two men believed to be of unsound mind, at the weekend.


Garth Mitchell was fatally shot on Saturday, January 7, in Montego Hills, and 34-year-old Travis Worren was fatally shot on Sunday, in Coral Gardens.


INDECOM said it processed the incident scenes and carried out initial interviews of the concerned officers who will further be required to provide a statement and or attend the office of the Commission to be interviewed.


The Commission said from the accounts provided, both incidents involved a request for police response due to reports of attacks by men of unsound mind in their communities.


In each incident, the now-deceased men allegedly held on to the firearm of a responding officer.


Other officers, present at the scene, discharged their firearms in the direction of the men, both of whom died at the Cornwall Regional Hospital.


The Commission noted that in the Coral Gardens incident, Mr. Worren allegedly attacked and chopped a woman, resulting in a report to the police.


During the incident, another person was shot and wounded.


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