Improved turnout at Spanish Town schools following upsurge in crime and violence

Some school principals in Spanish Town, St. Catherine are reporting that student and staff turnout has improved greatly, when compared to last week, amid a recent upsurge in crime and violence.


A state of public emergency has been implemented in the parish in response to the violence.


School administrators have been trying to continue operations, even as many students and staff expressed fear for their safety.


Speaking with IRIE FM News, Vice Principal of the Spanish Town High School’s first shift, Janet Tenaydo said at least 84% of students have returned to the classrooms.


She said this is a positive result when compared to the below 50% experienced last week.



Ms. Tenaydo adds that while all teachers have turned out for their duties, many of them were delayed due to the police checkpoints established across St. Catherine. The checkpoints are a part of the SOE that has been implemented.



When questioned about the impact the violence has had on students’ mental health, Ms. Tenaydo notes, that students appear to be desensitized to the violence around them.



Meantime, Principal of the St. Catherine High School, Marlon Campbell says, although students have returned to school, administrators had to make repeated appeals to parents to send them.



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