Human Rights lobby group gives Jamaica failing grade regarding fulfillment of human rights obligations 

Human Rights lobby group Freedom Imaginaries has given Jamaica a failing grade for its fulfillment, or lack thereof, of its human rights obligations this past year.

Founder Malene Alleyne notes that Jamaica failed to adequately address several human rights issues, including those related to the environment, citizen security and migration.

She claims that the government and organizations of the state made several decisions this year that were undemocratic and unconstitutional.

Ms. Alleyne says the serious and alarming rupture in the democratic governance of Jamaica was demonstrated in the swift repatriation of several groups of Haitian migrants this year, without due process.

The human rights activist says the government has not shown that it respects human rights in this past year, but she is hopeful that the country will redeem itself next year. 

A United States report on human rights practices in Jamaica published in March this year noted that Jamaica has significant human rights issues including cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment by government, arbitrary arrest and detention and serious government corruption.


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