Human rights attorney urges government to respond to asylum request for Haitians

Human rights attorney, Malene Alleyne who requested asylum, for the 37 Haitians who arrived in Portland illegally this month, is urging the government to respond to her request.

Ms. Alleyne said she made the request against the deportation of the Haitian nationals and for the group’s access to effective asylum procedures, on Thursday July 20, and asked the government to respond by Friday July 21.

She said after receiving no official response from the government, she submitted a follow up letter on Friday, seeking asylum on behalf of the Haitians.

The government has confirmed that it received a request from an attorney, on Friday.

However, speaking with host Ka’bu Maat Kheru on Irie Fm’s African Forum on Sunday, Ms. Alleyne said she has not yet received a response.

She urged the minister of national security to address the issue.

Ms. Alleyne noted that Jamaica also needs to ensure that proper legislation regarding access to asylum is implemented.


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