Human Rights Attorney seeks Govt’s intervention in gaining access to Haitian migrants who she represents

International Human Rights Attorney Malene Alleyne is calling for the Government’s intervention in helping her to gain access to several Haitian migrants who she represents.

Speaking with IRIE FM News, Ms. Alleyne said there has been a back and forth with the police as she is being told that permission must be granted for her to gain access to her clients, who entered the island illegally recently.

Since the start of the week, 22 Haitians have arrived in the country.

On Monday, the Portland Police found 10 Haitians in the Long Bay area.

And on Wednesday, an additional 12 were also discovered by Police in the parish.

Fifteen of them are males and seven are females.

Among the males are 3 boys, one of whom is a baby.

Two young girls are among the group.

Ms. Alleyne said having been denied access by the Police, she submitted a letter to the Ministry of National Security, seeking intervention.

She said a response was due on Wednesday, however, this has not been received.

Despite the delay, Ms. Alleyne said she is hopeful that the Government will intervene at an appropriate time.


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