Holness urges Jamaicans to allow government to continue prosperity mission

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has urged Jamaicans to allow the government to continue its mission of achieving prosperity for all.

The leader of the governing Jamaica Labour Party was in full campaign mode on Thursday, while addressing party officials and supporters in Montego-Bay St James, ahead of the date announcement for the local government election.

Mr Holness spent several minutes highlighting the government’s achievements to date, including a growing economy, low unemployment, and infrastructure development.

He acknowledged that there are still many challenges to overcome and that the government is on a mission to go from poverty to prosperity.

Mr Holness said the JLP is a government of action, one that completes tasks, and this should be continued.

Meantime, the Jamaica Labour Party leader has chastised persons who are intent on deceiving the voting public about the government and its accomplishments.

Mr Holness noted that he has taken note of falsified stories about him.

He stressed that the JLP will not be engaged in disseminating false narratives.


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