Holness & Samuda donate funds towards restoration works at Exchange 7th Day Adventist church following robbery & arson attack

The Exchange Seventh Day Adventist church in St. Ann has been given $500,000 to help with restoration works, following a recent robbery and arson attack.

The funding support came from Prime Minister Andrew Holness and caretaker candidate for North East St. Ann Matthew Samuda.   

It’s reported that in February, thieves entered a section of the church that was still under construction at the time and stole electronic and music equipment, as well as some building material.

They then set fire to a part of the church, destroying furniture and the building walls.

The prime minister, who is on a multi-day visit to St. Ann, attended today’s service at the church, accompanied by Samuda.

In his address to the congregation, Holness condemned the attack on the church.

Holness urged the church to still reach out and help the young men found to be responsible for the attack and guide them on a positive path. 

Holness noted that his monetary contribution is in addition to the $350,000 donated by Samuda. 


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