Holness pledges support for residents of south Clarendon, hard hit by Hurricane Beryl

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is assuring residents of southern Clarendon who were hard hit by Hurricane Beryl, that the government will provide assistance in ensuring their full recovery.

Speaking during a visit to the Rocky Point Community Centre yesterday which is being used as a shelter for displaced residents, the Prime Minister said damages were being assessed to formulate the necessary response.

He said while he understands the urgency of the situation, the government needs to get the full picture of the damage.

As it relates to restoring electricity, the prime minister noted that there are some communities that were severely impacted by downed power lines.

He said he had spoken to Chairman of the Jamaica Public Service Damian Obiglio and Minister of Energy and Telecommunications Daryl VazĀ and they have established a task force to ensure full restoration of power in the shortest time possible.

The Prime Minister said that work is also being done to address telecommunications issues and to provide water to residents.


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