High Command warns against attacks on the police, noting that assaults will be met with decisive and potentially fatal responses

The Police High Command is strongly advising individuals against engaging in criminal activities and attacking Police Officers.

This, following this morning’s gun attack in Sydenham, St Catherine which left a Corporal wounded.

One of the four attackers was shot and killed. He has not yet been identified.

The High Command said the wounded Corporal, who is assigned to the Clarendon Division, was attacked in an apparent robbery at approximately 5:00 AM.

It said it is relieved and grateful that he survived the attack, demonstrating remarkable courage and resilience.

In the meantime, the High Command said the men and women of the Constabulary are highly trained professionals, equipped with superior skills and expertise to handle various threats.

It noted that they are instructed to utilize their training effectively, especially when confronted with armed adversaries.

The High Command said it is important for the public to understand that any assault on its officers can provoke a decisive and potentially fatal response.

It added that officers are committed to protecting themselves and the community and will act swiftly and decisively to neutralize any threat posed to their lives or the lives of others.


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