Hezron shares powerful images and message with “Save The Children”

Disturbed by the alarming reports of brutal acts committed against the nation’s youths, Reggae entertainer Hezron is calling for the protection of our most vulnerable, in his latest single, “Save The Children.”

Officially released today, Friday, June 24, via Tad’s Record, “Save The Children,” written, performed, and produced by Hezron, and features Dean Fraser on saxophone, talks about the atrocities committed against our children.

Three days before the song’s official release, on June 21, a mother and her four children aged 15, 10, 5, and 23 months were found dead, with their throats slashed in their home in Clarendon, Jamaica.

The music video for Save The Children reminds us of the injustices and horrific acts committed against our children not only in Jamaica but around the worldwide.

Save The Children” is the third single from Hezron’s much anticipated third album M.O.A.M. (Man on a Mission) due on Tad’s Record on July 29.

The title track Man On A Mission was released in 2021 and is the follow-up to TIK TOK, which was released in January this year.


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