Heightened tension in August Town following fatal shooting of man by police

There is heightened tension in Goldsmith Villa, in August Town, St. Andrew, following the fatal shooting of a man in the community earlier today.

Dead is Marvin Markland of Goldsmith Villa.

According to the Independent Commission of Investigations (Indecom), which is currently at the scene, Markland was shot during a confrontation with members of the security forces in the area, and was later pronounced dead at hospital.

A firearm was reportedly recovered from the scene.

Indecom says residents have expressed concern regarding the circumstances of the shooting incident.

Among those with concerns is People’s National Party Councilor for the Papine Division Darrington Ferguson, who has expressed disappointment at being denied access to information by the police.

Meanwhile, PNP caretaker for Eastern St. Andrew, Patricia Duncan-Sutherland said the community was in the process of rebuilding.

Indecom is appealing to anyone with information on the fatal shooting incident to contact the office of the commission at 876-968-1932.


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