Health Ministry says inadequate staff makes it difficult to maintain spaces in HDUs and ICUs

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jacqueline Bisasor-McKenzie says it is difficult for the Health Ministry to maintain spaces in high-dependency units (HDUs) and intensive care units (ICUs) because of inadequate staff.

The revelation follows concerns raised by Opposition Spokesman on Health Dr. Alfred Dawes, about inadequate ICUs and HDUs to cater to mothers and babies deemed high risk.  

Dr. Bisasor-McKenzie explains that the 24 hospitals on the island are at different levels and persons are transferred within the system based on the support they need.

She says HDUs and ICUs are generally placed in hospitals with infrastructure, equipment and staff needed for specialized care of critically ill patients. 

The CMO stresses that not all critically ill patients need ventilators, only those in respiratory failure.

Dr. Bisasor-Mckenzie says the departure of specialist nurses to pursue opportunities overseas, affects the ministry’s ability to maintain ICU spaces.

She adds that sometimes a ventilator is available, but the patient is not able to be supported in an intensive care setting due to staffing problems.


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