Health Ministry receives PAHO’s report on nurseries at three public hospitals following death of babies

The Health Ministry says it has received the Pan American Health Organization, PAHO‘s report, on special care nurseries at three of the country’s hospitals, following a bacterial outbreak which resulted in the deaths of some babies.

It’s reported that around 12 babies passed away at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, due to a resistant bacteria.

Following the revelation, calls mounted for health minister Dr. Christopher Tufton to resign, however, the Andrew Holness led administration said it remains confident in the health minister.

In a statement on Wednesday, the ministry said in responding to a report of the outbreak, technical assistance was requested from PAHO, regarding infection prevention and control measures in special care nurseries.

PAHO‘s report also included the Bustamante Hospital for children and the Spanish Town Hospital.

The report describes the main findings of a technical mission carried out between October 14 and 22, this year, and also details the rapid assessments of infection prevention and control in the special care nurseries at the three health facilities.

The health ministry says the report is being reviewed by the technical team and main findings will be shared with the public.


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