Health Minister thanks Valiant for rescue after bike accident

Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton is thanking Valiant for his assistance after the Dancehall deejay transported him to the hospital on Sunday (June 2) following his bike accident.

Reports indicate that the politician was cycling in the city along Charlemont Avenue in St Andrew when he was struck from his bicycle by a motor vehicle.

Sharing a photo to his verified Instagram account from his hospital bed with Valiant by his side, Dr. Tufton, who reportedly injured his wrist, had a bandage on his forehead, to his left hand, and his right hand connected to medical instruments.

As a caption, he wrote, “Well this Sunday wasn’t planned! Took a fall this morning on my bicycle. Counting myself very lucky because it could have been worse!! Thanks to God and to all who have me in their prayers and sent messages.” The Minister continued, “Also, thanks to Valiant, who was involved, for rushing me to UHWI, and to the team of Doctors and Nurses who are currently attending to me.”

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, opposition leader Mark Golding, producer Rvssian, and Dancehall deejay Spice are among the social media users who sent well wishes on Instagram.

Meanwhile, some praised Valiant for assisting the Health Minister; others did not hesitate to criticize the deplorable state of our local hospitals and the need for improvement.


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