Hanover police identify suspect in child’s murder

The Hanover police have identified a suspect, and are following strong leads, in their investigation of the killing of a young girl, in Lucea, yesterday (February 1).


The identity of the 9-year-old child, has not yet been released. Police have theorized that the girl had been sexually assaulted.


Reports are that, when the girl did not return home from school as expected, a missing person’s report was filed with the police.


Cops, along with relatives of the girl, and residents of the community, then launched a search for her. Further reports are that the girl’s body was found in bushes, meters away from her home.


Residents have expressed shock at the incident and have described the girl as being very polite.


Representatives of the Hanover police chaplaincy and community safety unit are expected to provide grief counselling to the girl’s family.


The police, along with representatives from the education ministry, are also expected to visit the primary school that the student attended today, to offer grief counselling, to staff and students.



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