Gunmen are not criminals but terrorists says Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has reiterated that gunmen and gang members are not mere criminals, but are like terrorists and should be treated as such.

He was reacting to the killing of three people, including two children in Salt Spring St James on Monday.

Dead are: 7 year old Justin Perry, 9 year old Nahcoliva Smith and 26 year old labourer Tevin Hayle, all from Salt Spring.

In a release on Tuesday morning, the prime minister said violence in all its forms is abhorrent and must be strongly condemned and punished.

He said however, when violence touches innocent children all of society must stand up and say, ‘enough is enough!’.

The prime minister said gunmen violate the ultimate right of every human being, the right to life.

He expressed confidence that the perpetrator will be arrested in short order.

The prime minister then stressed the need to implement tougher measures to create greater deterrence against the commission of these acts of terror.


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