Guidance and wellness centre in St James to offer service for entire families says Chang

A child and adolescent guidance and wellness centre, which is being constructed in St James, will offer services that support entire families, not just children.

National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang noted that the centre will be a crucial preventative measure to assist individuals and families reduce acts of violence and ultimately criminality.

He was speaking to reporters while on a site visit of the proposed location for construction of the centre, on Friday.

Dr Chang said with a noted increase in behavioural issues among children, the centre will allow teachers to refer the child to a special facility dedicated to dealing with such behaviours.

Dr Chang said oftentimes it’s challenges with life at home, that influence the bad behaviour.

He said among the support services to be offered will be counselling, skills training, and job placement.

He stressed that no one is born bad, they instead fall prey to easy gratification, but if they are provided with a positive alternative, then change can be effected.

The project is a joint partnership of the ministries of National Security, Education, and Health, as well as the European Union, and Sandals Foundation.


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