Grange describes comments by Golding about House Speaker as disturbing and hypocritical

Acting leader of Government Business and Gender Minister Olivia Grange has described comments by opposition leader about the House Speaker as disturbing and hypocritical.

Ms Grange pointed out that Juliet Holness was elevated from deputy, to house speaker, on merit and not on the basis of being the wife of the prime minster.

Yesterday Opposition Leader Mark Golding noted that having the wife of the prime minster, as House Speaker, goes against the tradition of having an independent speaker.

This led to the prime minster and other members of the governing Jamaica Labour Party walking out of the house.

In a statement last evening, Ms Grange strongly objected to the position that the leader of the opposition took.

She noted that last September when Juliet Holness was elected for House Speaker, there was no objection, that no other person was nominated, and that her selection was seconded by the Leader of Opposition Business.

She said Mrs Holness was duly elected by the house and is a competent and capable speaker.


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