Grammys outline new rules for AI music

From the new wave of AI-generated songs by popular artists to writing a radio script or rendering text into realistic artwork, Artificial intelligence (AI) has proved it can do a lot of things; but can it win a Grammy?

Well, according to the Recording Academy, which is the organization behind the Grammy Awards, only humans, not AI, can nominate their work for an award.

Ahead of next year’s Grammy Awards, the Recording Academy announced last Friday that artists can use AI in their songs and submit them for consideration for an award, but there must be proof that a real person meaningfully contributed to the song as well.

Meanwhile, songs that are fully generated by AI, won’t be eligible for any awards, and only “human creators” can be considered, nominated, or win a Grammy Award.

The new Grammy Award qualifications come after more recent advancements in AI have led to generative AI, which can create new content.

The Grammy Awards are set to take place on February 4, 2024.

AI-generated songs by popular artists that have made their way online is ‘Heart on My Sleeve’ which used AI to add vocals from rapper Drake and The Weeknd.

Meanwhile, some artists are embracing the use of AI. On Tuesday, Paul McCartney announced that a new Beatles record featuring John Lennon’s AI-generated voice will be released later this year.


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