Gov’t to make it mandatory for businesses to have outward facing CCTV cameras

The government says it will become mandatory for businesses and entertainment events to have outward facing cameras.


Prime Minister Andrew Holness says this will be part of efforts to tackle crime, as the cameras will be linked to the Jamaica Eye programme.


He notes that the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has been making strides in integrating technology in its operations, adding that the footage from CCTV cameras has helped the police to apprehend criminals.


The Prime Minister’s announcement follows another attack on a guards and vehicles belonging to Beryllium.



Mr. Holness explains the rationale for cameras at entertainment events.



Meantime, the Prime Minister says the government is paying close attention to the targeting of cash deliveries, which he says is an attack on Jamaica’s financial infrastructure.


There was another attack on the Beryllium assets at the weekend, which left a security guard wounded in St. Thomas. No cash was taken in the attack.


Mr. Holness states that while the issue relates to a private company which is responsible for its security arrangements, the government does not take lightly what he describes, as a deliberate calculated attack on a critical infrastructure of the country.



The Prime Minister adds that organized crime should be considered a criminal terrorist threat to the country.




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