Gov’t remains open to partnership, but will not force the Opposition to participate in dialogues of national importance

Information Minister Robert Morgan says the government remains open to partnership but will not force the opposition to participate in dialogues of national importance.

This, in response to Opposition Spokesman on Transport Mikael Phillips’ indication that he would reconsider his participation on the PPV Steering Committee.

Mr. Phillips made the comment amidst the recent war of words between the opposition and Transport Minister Daryl Vaz over the government’s decision to grant a 19% fare increase to transport operators.

Opposition Leader Mark Golding claimed on the political platform that people were suffering because of the increase.

In response, Mr. Vaz noted the opposition spokesman’s participation on the steering committee, and his seeming support for the move.

However, speaking yesterday, Mr. Phillips said he was not a part of the subcommittee that deliberated on the fare increase, and would not allow his participation on the committee to be misconstrued, hence he was considering removing himself.

Responding to questions about Mr. Phillip’s statement at a post cabinet press briefing this morning (October 25), the Information Minister said the government cannot force the opposition to participate.


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