Gov’t MPs want Mark Golding to be sanctioned for ‘dead voters’ comment

Opposition Leader Mark Golding has been warned that if he does not apologize for his comment about dead voters, a censure motion could be moved against him in the lower house.

Chaos erupted in the lower house today, as Members of Parliament on both sides of the aisle argued about the comments made by Mr. Golding on a political platform on Sunday.

The issue stemmed from questions about the tabling of reports by the deputy speaker, which led to Mr. Golding making comments about constitutional breaches, which then led to government members chastising the opposition leader, claiming that he does not have the moral grounds to make such claims.

MP James Robertson said Mr. Golding should be sanctioned for his dead voters’ comment.

Meanwhile, MP Daryl Vaz said Mr. Golding has brought the office of the opposition leader, party president, and Member of Parliament seat, into disrepute.

He added that the issue is one of principle and morals, and that if Mr. Golding does not correct his wrong, then as a fundamental course of democracy, the censure motion will be followed through.


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